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Chapter Officers

Brianna Ares

officer Brianna Ares


Hi everyone, my name is Brianna Ares, but I go by Bri! I am a junior with a major in International Relations and double minors in German and Spanish. I am the current Chapter President of Alpha Gamma Delta! My responsibilities include representing the Chapter on a University level, ensuring that the Chapter is running smoothly, delegating tasks to other officers as needed, and facilitating communication between the Chapter and the Executive Board. Those are some of my main tasks, but I also have smaller tasks that come up on a weekly basis! Besides Alpha Gam, I am also involved with Dance Marathon as a Morale Team Co-Captain. I was formerly in Student Senate where I was a Junior Senator. I currently have two jobs on campus! I work in the Union at the Student Organization Suite as a Desk Attendant. I am also a Student Ambassador for the Office of Multicultural Programs. My fun fact is that I received a scholarship in 11th grade to study abroad in Germany!

Phia Behrens

officer Phia Behrens

Vice President Chapter Wellness

Hi! I'm a double major in international relations and French. As VPCW, I am in charge of the overall Chapter's well being. This includes hazards and safety, individual relationships, and (my favorite!) sisterhood. The best part of being VP Chapter Wellness is creating sisterhood events so the chapter can feel more connected. I am also involved with Student Senate as the Committee on Media Chair and Lutheran Leaders. A fun fact about me is that I have three dogs!

Anna Gendusa

officer Anna Gendusa

Vice President Academic Excellence

Hi! My name is Anna Gendusa and I am a junior meteorology with a complementary mathematics major from Carol Stream, Illinois. I serve as the Vice President of Academic Excellence, which aims to help and support members in any way with their academics. The position involves providing academic support to those who need it, and to have incentives available for those who report As on the tracker form and are on the Dean's List for the semester. I also organize sisters into Academic Families and have study tables available when possible. Outside of Alpha Gamma Delta, I serve as the Vice President of the NWI Chapter of AMS/NWA, Video Editing Director for VUTV, a member of VUSIT, Alpha Phi Omega, and am a Desk Attendant for the Harre Union. A fun fact about me is that one of my favorite bands is 5 Seconds of Summer, and I have seen them in concert 7 times in less than 5 years.


officer -

Vice President Recruitment

Madison Novack

officer Madison Novack

Vice President Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Madison Novack and I am a sophomore Psychology major with minors in Criminology and Political Science with hopes of attending Law School after undergrad. I am the current Vice President of Finance for Alpha Gam. Basically what I do as VP Finance is everything financial for the chapter, including budgeting and handling dues. Along with that, on campus I am serving as the President of VU Voices for Animals which is our animals rights club on campus and I am a Miracle Maker on the Dance Marathon Leadership team. A fun fact about me is I am a major Swiftie :)

Dana Young

officer Dana Young

Vice President of Administration

My name is Dana Young and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student. On campus, I am also involved in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Vice President Administration (VPA) is my second officer board position in Alpha Gam! My position takes attendance at events, handles all formal paperwork/governing documents, and is in charge of the chapter history. Fun fact about me: I can do yo-yo tricks!

Beth Hanusin

officer Beth Hanusin

Vice President Member Experience

My name is Beth Hanusin and I am a sophomore computer engineering student. On campus I am the president of the Society of Automotive engineers. My officer board position for Alpha Gam is Vice President Member Experience. I take care of senior gifts, schedule programming required by the university and for Alpha Gam, and also handle member retention. A fun fact about me is that I like to crochet stuffed animals!!!

Vera Mehnert

officer Vera Mehnert

Vice President New Member Experience

Hey everyone! My name is Vera Mehnert and I'm a sophomore nursing major with a Spanish minor. I'm a Celebrate band leader on Wednesday nights at the chapel, the Sorority Housing Assistant for Alpha Gam, and a yoga instructor for the fitness center! As the VP of New Member Experience, I spend a lot of my time working with our new members teaching them about anything and everything Alpha Gam! On a more administrative side, I write the new member education plan for the semester, document new member progress in the education pathway, and coordinate with other officers to run new member ceremonies, assign sister-mothers, organize the Big/Little process, and make Initiation happen. I love Gam so much and am so blessed to get to serve my chapter in this role! A fun fact about myself is that I have three sisters (named Mia, Aida, and Layla) who I love with my whole heart.

Emma Vicari

officer Emma Vicari

Vice President Marketing

Hi! I'm Emma, a junior Political Science and Theatre double major. As VP Marketing, my job is to make sure the social media and website are current! I also work on graphics and merchandise for the chapter. Outside of Alpha Gamma Delta, I am a Junior Senator for Student Senate, I am on the Morale Team for Dance Marathon, and have participated in productions for Valpo's theatre department.

Ella Goworowski

officer Ella Goworowski

Vice President Campus Relations

Hello, I am Ella Goworowski and I am the Vice President of Campus Relations. I am from Chicago, IL and a Sophomore Nursing major. I am currently going through the process of becoming a brother of Alpha Phi Omega. VP of Campus Relations is the link of communication between Alpha Gamma Delta and the other sororities and fraternities on campus. I attend Panhellenic meetings where I can promote activities we are having and learn what the other chapters are doing. I will then relay the information discussed during the meeting to the chapter. A fun fact about myself is that Shawn Mendes performed a private concert for my high school.

Caroline Meyer

officer Caroline Meyer

Vice President Philanthropy

Hi I’m Caroline Meyer and I’m the VP of Philanthropy. My officer role includes creating fundraising and philanthropy events, keeping track of service hours, and running our in chapter service events! I am a member of the PHSA and I am a Public Health Major! A fun fact about me is that I have travelled to almost every state in the U.S.

Cara Bergin

officer Cara Bergin

Director of Property

Hi! My name is Cara Bergin and I am a sophomore history major with minors in sociology and art. In my position of Director of Property I work with the Fraternity Housing Corporation as well as with campus housing. The Director of Property and the Sorority House Assistant work closely together for chore management and over all house management. My position also is in charge of making sure the house is filled and planning the placements in the house. A fun fact about me is that I love to paint in my free time.

Lijana Teague

officer Lijana Teague

Vice President Event Planning

As Vice President of Event Planning, I coordinate most of our social events. This includes formals and semi-formals, our post initiation celebration (Feast of Roses), and all unity events with other sororities and fraternities on campus. I am responsible for registering all of these events for approval with our University's Fraternity and Sorority Life and our chapter's executive council. The role of Event Planner has become the key to ensuring our members do not feel isolated and alone during this pandemic. By creating events that abide by Covid-19 guidelines, we create an atmosphere of inclusive community that allows our members to continue creating memories that will last a lifetime. Outside of Alpha Gamma Delta, I am a Residential and Research Assistant, and I serve on the Fraternity and Sorority Life Judicial Board. A fun fact about me is that I am bilingual in English and Spanish!

Emily O'Leary

officer Emily O'Leary

Director of Ritual

I'm the VP of engagement in college mentors for kids, volunteer at the porter county detention center, and am a member of APO. As director of ritual I help with planning the initiation and pre-initiation ceremonies. This includes working with the VPME, VPCW, and the President to make sure everything is set up and everyone is properly educated before initiation. During pre-initiation ceremonies, I make sure everyone gets their speaking parts and that everyone has a better understanding of the different aspects of AGD. For initiation, I along with other members of the executive board are in charge of initiating the new members and celebrating their official memberships into AGD! I love to travel and have been to over 20 states and 3 countries!

Amanda Nommensen

officer Amanda Nommensen

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Hey! My name is Amanda Nommensen and I am a Sophomore Social work Major with a minor in Sociology. I am very happy I get to say that I am the first ever sister to hold the position of Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Alpha Gamma Delta's Beta Phi Chapter! I am honored to be able to lead and educate my sisters on the topics of diversity, advocate for all chapter members, and seek out additional educational resources on campus. I work closely with the Phia, the VP of Chapter Wellness to establish goals in creating a diverse and inclusive chapter experience for everyone. Outside of AGD, I am a member of Alliance and an avid thrift shopper who loves Harry Styles (:




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